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Truth - Vol. 2

Truth - as given to the Buddha


John 10:16  And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:  them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.


The Qur'an 21:92  All prophets!  This, your religion, is but one religion and I am your God, so serve Me.

The Qur'an 21:93  Mankind has divided this one religion into different pieces regarding different peoples, but all will return to God.


Also, the Qur'an 10:47  For every people, there is a messenger and after their message comes, then on the Day of Judgment, they will be judged fairly and they will not be wronged.


The Buddha (circa 500 BC)  It is not good for a wise man, who is the protector of Life's Truth to proclaim, "This doctrine, only, is the Truth; and all others are wrong."

So who decides any of this?  Only God decides!  Honestly, all we can do here, is to live our "little lives" according to the truths we pick-up during what "little time" we have been given here on this earth.

Only then . . . as the Buddha teaches . . . will we be judged by our DEEDS upon this earth.

Because . . . as the Buddha also teaches . . . it is only our deeds that reveal (to God) what was truly in our hearts while we were here, on God's little Earth!

In the downloads below, you will learn that the Buddha was indeed instructed by God, on that fateful night while resting under the Bodhi Tree:  and you will learn that the Buddha taught more about the "importance of the Life we live" than any Hebrew, Christian, or Muslim prophet that ever lived.

And . . . if you pay particular attention . . . you will learn that the Buddha taught more about God, The Father, than any other religion has ever known!  (This is a solemn promise by this author:  jpw.)

Furthermore, if you are not just a "casual browser" here on this website . . . and have read this author's previous books . . . you will know that it was Christ who made this Earth (first chapter of John), and Christ who spoke to Abraham (John 8:57), and it was Christ who spoke to Moses (John 8:58), and it was Christ who sent God's Laws down to Moses.

So, do not be surprised . . . that it was Christ, in John 10:16, (with the permission of God, the Father) who taught the Buddha (on that fateful night, under the Bodhi Tree) more about God, the Father, than any other religion has ever known.  And, specifically, it was Christ who taught the Buddha about why God, our Father, created life on this earth!  (Another solemn promise by this author regarding the book, freely available, below.)


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