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Mark of the Beast
The Mark
The Beast
What? Two Bibles?
Truth of Abraham
God's Pilgrimage
Named by God
The Qur'an - Proved
Guardian Angels
God's Second Chance
God - or no God???
Einstein's Mistake
Solomon's Wisdom
Unspoken Wisdom
The Christian Failure!
A Case for Christ
It was Saturday !!!
Parable of Honor

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Wisdom - of God and man


We are, in this world, but a speck of dust within this universe.  What we currently know and currently believe, in this world, is but a speck of the whole truth that is to be found in life.  Never rest upon what you currently know and believe; the path of seeking the truth is one of excitement (ask any scientist this).  The path of seeking the truth can only lead to improvement in life.  Choose the path of seeking the truth and accept the challenges that come your way because of this.  Do this with diligence and you will find yourself a better and wiser person.


Do this with humility . . . and you cannot fail.


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