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(It never was a Sunday morning!)

Strong's G2020

Strong's Number G2020 (epiphōskō) occurs only twice in the New Testament:  the blue link, provided above, opens in a new window.  Quite interestingly, it was first used to describe the exact hour of Jesus' burial and then again to describe the exact hour of the two Marys going to visit the tomb on the first day of the week.  This word is never again used in Scripture!  It is a good word:  quite simple and inarguable!  Both times, meaning a very special dawn, regarding the Truths of God sent down to this Earth.  Maybe, God is giving mankind a great clue here?

Do note that this Greek word, while meaning a dawn, such as a Sunday morning does not necessarily mean "a dawn" where the sun is required to rise.  No, this word means "to dawn" or "to begin."  Examples might include the dawn of a new era, or the dawn of a new science, or the dawn of a new dynasty.  Yes, it can include the sun rising, but that is only a small part of its meaning.  (Remember, that to the Jews and throughout God's Scriptures, every day ends with the setting of the sun.  At this setting of the sun, a new day begins.)


In Luke 23:54 (shown below), while detailing the death of Jesus, Luke was trying to explain that the high sabbath of the Feast of Unleavened Breads was quickly approaching (because the day of Passover was about to end, at sundown).  Indeed, it was very quickly approaching:  there is no delaying the setting of the sun.  Luke used this Greek word to mean, that the high sabbath was about to dawn (or, more accurately in English, it was about to begin).  This particular "dawn" had nothing to do with a sunrise.  Indeed, it was definitely referring to a sunset!  So do note, that as the Passover comes to its end at sunset, every year, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, indeed, is about "to dawn," at this same sunset, every year.  And since it is a high sabbath, all work must cease.

Regarding the details Luke 23 gives us, Jesus died around the ninth hour of daylight on the day of Passover:  this was the exact moment the high priest of the Jews was to slit the throat of an unblemished lamb for the "temple" Passover meal.  (Reference this using the historian Josephus' book:  War 6:423 - 24.  Or just click here.  Scroll down to Chapter 9, paragraph 3 when you get there.)


All Jews, far from Jerusalem, had long before completed, correctly observed, and went to bed just after their Passover meal per God's instructions in Exodus 12.  They did so the evening before:  meaning just after sunset (which began the fourteenth day of the first month.)  This is the day God called Passover.  Per Exodus 12, the lamb is sacrificed moments after the fourteenth day of the month begins at sunset.  They then sprinkled the lamb's blood around their door posts to commemorate their ancestors who did the same, before going to bed, on that fateful evening in Egypt:  so that the LORD might "passover" their dwelling and allow their first born to live.  After this sunset, they also quickly roast the lamb and consume it:  leaving nothing for the morning.  Everything started after sunset, everything took place fairly quickly (in the first dark hours of this fourteenth day), and all events were completed before a "slightly late" bedtime for the Hebrew families.  (This is the very Passover meal that Jesus "so desired" to keep in Matthew 26.)  And indeed, Jesus did keep this Passover:  which Christians, today, accurately call The Last Supper.  However, the Jewish faith, long before Jesus' day, had moved its official Temple Passover celebration (for the enormous masses that arrived on their annual Passover pilgrimage, there in Jerusalem) to the "end" of the Passover Day:  around the ninth hour of daylight, as Josephus described in the above link.  Others have described, and indeed mandated, this afternoon event as well:  Maimonides, himself, giving extraordinary details in his "Laws of the Passover Offering."

My dearest friends . . . please do remember that God intended for all Hebrews to keep the Passover meal just after sunset (meaning the beginning) of the fourteenth day of the first Hebrew month.  God clearly states this in Exodus 12.  However, in the days that Jesus lived, the Jews had changed many observations (as Josephus describes).  Indeed, the official Jewish celebration of Passover, in Jerusalem, had been changed to just before sunset (meaning the ending!) of the fourteenth day of the first Hebrew month.  (Oh, how Satan has forever worked his works by way of using "opposites.")


There has, seemingly forever, been much consternation amongst Christian scholars as to how Jesus (via Matthew and Luke's Gospels) could possibly have kept, and survived the ancient Hebrew Passover that was taught to Moses (meaning Exodus 12), and then also die (via Luke's Gospel) just before the official completion of that current-day Jewish Passover celebration which was kept in Jerusalem!  These Gospels seem to be at odds with each other.  Well, the combined truths of Josephus, Maimonides, Luke, and Matthew clear this up quite nicely!  With just a bit of understanding from God's Scriptures, described above.  You see, God intended for the Passover actual-event and later observations to be a night-time event:  as described in Exodus 12.  However, by Jesus' day, the Jews had turned everything into a daytime event/observation.

Also, many Christians today have trouble matching the details of Matthew 26:17 to other known Gospel verses regarding that fateful Passover day.  This requires a slightly longer explanation, beyond the scope of this letter, so you will find your truths here.  (Link opens in a new window.)

(This author apologizes for digressing.  Please continue with the death of Jesus on that fateful day.)

In Jerusalem, at Passover time, the sun sets at approximately 6:15 pm.  So, Jesus died at approximately 3:00 pm.  Joseph had only three hours to obtain the body of Jesus from Pilate and Pilate did agree to this Jewish custom regarding all burials being completed before a high sabbath began.

Luke 23:53  And he took it down, and wrapped it in linen, and laid it in a sepulchre that was hewn in stone, wherein never man before was laid.

Luke 23:54  And that day was the preparation, and the sabbath drew on. (Strong's G2020 underlined)

Once again, the sabbath that Luke was referring to was the high sabbath of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.


Now, the only other use of this particular Greek word was by Matthew.  Matthew used this Greek word in exactly the same manner as Luke!  We are talking about the resurrection of Jesus here.  Meaning after the Saturday sabbath, which ended at the Saturday sunset.

Matthew 28:1  In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.  (Strong's G2020 underlined)

So as the Saturday sabbath was about to end (meaning, exactly at Saturday SUNSET), the first day of the week (meaning Sunday) was about to dawn (or begin).  Once again, this word means that at Saturday sunset, the first day of the week was quickly approaching!  There is no delaying the setting of the sun.  Matthew's words prove that the two Marys traveled to the tomb shortly after 6:15 pm at night.  The Saturday sabbath had just ended and they had plenty of time to conduct their work, regarding the body of Jesus.  But they found the tomb to be empty on that Saturday evening (or in the first few moments of the "first day," as they measured days according to God's Law).

Click here for your Biblical truth regarding the "to dawn" found in Matthew 28:1.

Quite sadly, there are many Christian leaders who will tell you that all of this is nonsense.  This is only because they have become comfortable with our "old traditions."  Indeed, this old tradition of the Sunday resurrection being a holy day for Christians was created in the year 325 AD.  Yes, we are talking about the works of Satan nearly two-thousand years ago:  exactly as the Epistles of Paul, Peter, and John taught.  So, we shall allow Matthew to deliver the last nail in this old, traditional, religious, and lying coffin of Satan's work from long ago.


In Matthew 28:1, "it began to dawn toward the first day."  This means the beginning of the first day was "approaching."  This means it was still a Saturday evening, but the sun had not "quite" set!

Matthew 28:1  In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.

That word, "toward," was originally the Greek word "eis."  This word is a preposition:  it only describes what immediately follows.  The words that followed were "the first day."  This Greek word "eis" is identified as Strong's Number G1519.  It means "entering into."  Well, entering into what?  Since this word is a preposition, it means entering into whatever follows:  in this verse, it means "the first day of the week."  This word places Matthew's described event at that brief period when one might look at the setting sun and ask, "is it still Saturday or is it now Sunday?"

And this is EXACTLY the hour when Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the sepulchre in Matthew 28:1.

Click here to see the (Strong's) description of when Mary Magdalene and the other Mary found the sepulchre to be empty.


My dearest Christian leaders . . . you do not have to "like" the Truths of God placed above, but you are required to accept these Truths of God because they come from God's Scriptures and you know these Scriptures to be true and accurate:  as God delivered to this world.  Anytime you find your cherished beliefs and traditions to be in violation of God's Truths here in this world, you must humble yourself before God's Truths and then change your beliefs.  Anytime you find yourself disagreeing with God:  you lose, and He wins!  Oh, it hurts!  This author has been there on many occasions.  It hurts so much that it will keep you awake at night, sometimes.  This author has "gently" cursed God for the Truths that this author detested, but God's Truths cannot be contested.  Sometimes, it hurts to change!  And this old author can tell you that after a while, it gets much easier.  Indeed, it is "slightly enjoyable" to lose to God.  After three or four times, you cannot wait for it to happen again!  And this is when He really starts teaching you!  The best way this old man can tell you, is that once God sees that He "owns" your heart, then He really opens up the Truths that He has made available to us here.  But, and this is important, if you cannot surrender your religious beliefs and vanities to His Truths, then you have not given your heart over to His "ownership."  And you will continue to take those Truths that you cannot understand and claim that they are "just symbolic in nature."  The reason that those who have eyes, cannot see; and those who have ears, cannot hear is because they have "chosen" to close their eyes and cover their ears.  This is what "religion" does!  (Not faith:  but religion!)  It did this to the ancient Hebrews.  Seven hundred years later, it did this to the ancient Jews (in Jesus' day).  And it is doing this to our modern-day Christian religions/denominations.

My dearest Christian friends . . . you also do not have to "like" the Truths of God placed in His Scriptures above, but you are required to at least consider them, greatly, if you truly love your God, in Heaven.  Do you believe in God?  Do you believe that God only speaks the Truth to His children?  Given all of mankind's flaws, upon this Earth; and given all of Satan's efforts upon this Earth for thousands of years, do you believe that it is possible for God to have kept His words to this world . . . true?

For you see . . . it is you, my dearest Christian friends, who have caused me to maintain this website for over twenty-years now.  The Truths of God are so clear in this world, that only a little effort on anyone's part, is required to find these Truths of God.  Whenever you find yourself directly opposed to any known Truth of God, then you must surrender your beliefs to that Truth.  Yes, it is hard at first.  So, at first, do nothing:  surrender nothing!  Just sleep on it.  (This means to fall asleep thinking about this, or that, verse giving you problems.  In this, you are opening a door to God.  And this old author can promise you that God has never walked away from an open door!)  Continue to think about this and allow it to bother your conscience:  it is good when things bother our conscience.  God loves a bothered conscience:  because when it is combined with a heart that is in the right place, it will always lead to Him!  God designed our conscience to be this way, so very long ago.  The only reason I am offering these personal truths to you here (and to some Christian leaders above) is because this case of the Saturday resurrection is a slam-dunk for God's Truths found here on the Earth!  It does not get any clearer than the above truths regarding the Wednesday death and Saturday resurrection of Jesus!  Either God meant three-days-and-three-nights, or God is a liar!  The existence of God is as simple as this!  (God doesn't mind living with this simple Truth!)  No matter what ANY religion teaches, EVERY person can decide from here.  Let it bother you:  go to sleep on it.  It is quite possible that God allowed Satan to change all of this just so that some people might be able to "return" to God using logic (and a Truth) that really is as simple as 1-2-3.  This author has taken meticulous care (and notations) to assure that the referenced Scriptures could not be bent, twisted, or otherwise perverted by Christian leaders who only follow their church doctrines and dogma.  And the great Truths of this letter should be enough to start shedding some of your Earthly vanities (and beliefs) so as to open your eyes to other certain Truths of God that have been placed in this world.  God so, "so loves" those who "return" to Him later!

And for any person who has stayed with this author, thus far, this author will post another page, with the title of "Parable of Honor."  That lesson will be just a tiny bit harder than found here on this page, but it will teach you much regarding how God works His works in this world.  The lesson of Lazarus will show, just a bit, how the Jewish and Christian faiths have failed God:  but the lesson of Lazarus will show this world a great deal about how God "operates" in this world, which He created.  God works His works, God teaches us a lesson, and then leaves everything to us to either believe or to not believe.  The choice is always up to us.




This letter is finished.

You have enough proof, from God's Scriptures above, to make your own decision regarding the death and resurrection of Christ.  That year, Passover began (per God's instructions in Exodus 12) moments after the Tuesday sunset:  this is the Passover (or Last Supper) which Jesus properly kept with his disciples.  (Later that night, Jesus was taken by the Roman soldiers.)  Wednesday morning, Jesus was questioned by Pontius Pilate and soon condemned to death.  The Day of Passover ended at Wednesday sunset (just as Jesus was being laid in the tomb.  Jesus was then resurrected, by God, at the end of the Saturday Sabbath (meaning at sunset Saturday).  Therefore, by "our reckoning" today, Jesus spent Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night in the tomb:  he did not spend Saturday night in the tomb!  Also, by "our reckoning" today, Jesus spent Thursday day, Friday day, and Saturday day in the tomb.  This is the only formula that obeys God's promise of three days and three nights in the tomb!  There is no other formula and there is no other solution.  God's Truths, in His Scriptures are this clear!  However, this author will take a bit more time to describe how today's Christian leaders, who have always known these truths, have made a deliberate decision to just stay with common tradition.

Tradition is easy, tradition is known and comfortable, tradition is what folks want.  Tradition makes life easy:  people "like" what they grew up with, they like believing what their parents and grandparents taught them.  So just what did their parents and grandparents learn?  They learned from the sins of their own religious leaders back in "the day:"  WHO ALSO KNEW BETTER, BUT ALSO CHOSE TO STAY WITH TRADITION!  Oh, tradition is so easy.  Why?  Because Satan has made it easy.  Satan knows what traditions he has created, and he makes them so easy for mankind to follow.  Oh, it is so much easier to follow traditional beliefs than it is to follow God's exacting Word.



So . . . this author will present many common lies that the Christian faiths, of today, continue to put-forth, so as to ignore the known Scriptures of God that they choose to ignore.

Christ speaking:

Matthew 12:40  For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Nearly every Christian faith of today bends, twists, and contorts God's Scriptures so as to suit their own personal vanities and beliefs.  These are the traditions they grew up with as children, they are also the teachings of various colleges/Seminaries where they earned their degrees, and they are part-and-parcel of the age-old comfortable doctrines of their denomination.  If they want to retain their membership in that denomination, they must toe-the-line regarding things such as this.  Consider, if you will, a Baptist minister teaching his church that Jesus was buried on a Wednesday evening and then rose from the dead at Saturday sunset.  (Imagine that!  A Baptist minister teaching about three days and three nights, just as Christ, Himself taught!)  This church would not belong to the Baptist denomination for long.  Consider also, a church being disowned by its denomination's leadership, because it taught of God's well-documented Scriptures regarding the death and resurrection of Christ.

So . . . here are some of the more common lies taught in churches today:

LIE #1.  The counting of days.  Jesus died in the last few fleeting moments of daylight Friday, so this counts as one full day.  Then you have Saturday, which counts as one full day.  Finally, you have a few fleeting moments of sunrise Sunday and this counts as one full day too!  They then explain how it was the ancient tradition of the Jews to count even a tiny bit of sunlight as a full day.  But in the excitement of concluding this lie, they fail to realize that all they have mathematically accomplished (here) is three days and two nights.

SERIOUSLY?  First of all, the Jews never counted their days in such a manner:  we have the entire Old Testament to prove this nonsense as false.  These folks can make this lie seem plausible because they know, for a fact, that you were not there, so as to decide otherwise!  Second, do you honestly believe that God takes shortcuts?  Would God cheat His own prophecy regarding three days and three nights?  Thirdly, Christ never said he would be "dead" for three days and three nights.  He said he would "lay in the tomb" for three days and three nights.  (See Matthew 12:40 above.)  The Bible clearly states that Christ was laid in the tomb, most hurriedly, at the last glimmer of light before the high sabbath began.  Joseph only had time to wrap the body in a piece of linen.

So, here are the events that took place in the three hours between the death of Jesus and the body of Jesus being laid in the tomb.  Joseph had to leave the cross, seek an audience with Pilate, convince Pilate that Jesus was dead, obtain the written permission of Pilate to collect the body of Jesus, then travel back to the cross, show the Roman soldiers proof of Pilate's signature and seal, delicately lower the cross, carefully extract the nails from Jesus' body, remove the body of Jesus from the cross, scrub as much dried blood from the body as time permitted, and then transport the body to the tomb, wrap their beloved friend in linen, and place his body in a good position for when they would later return to finish their works.  This truly is a full three hours of work!

LIE #2.  God, the Father, so loved Jesus that He shortened the time spent in the tomb.

SO, GOD IS A LIAR?  Really?  God made all of these promises (in many different places of Scripture) and then changed what He said?  This author will not even address this lame lie.

LIE #3.  A great many religious leaders assert that in Matthew 12:40, Christ was speaking in general terms and not in specific terms.  If Christ died on Good Friday and rose Sunday morning, this was, generally speaking, three days.

OK, SO NOW, GOD IS A LIAR AND GOD IS STUPID!  This is the worst of all Christian excuses.  Apparently, God forgot just how long He left Jonah in the whale's belly.  And apparently, God forgot what He taught to Moses, regarding the hour where each day ended, and each day began.  And so, when God, Himself, spoke the words of Matthew 12:40, He just forgot His Truths and made a little mistake.

LIE #4.  God was just being symbolic when referring to Jonah spending three days and three nights in the belly of the whale.  It was just something spiritual in nature.  God does this all the time.

RUN AWAY FROM THIS PERSON!  Any time you hear a religious leader take ANY clear and concise words of God and tell you that they do not mean what God said, then run away from this person as fast as you can.  God is not stupid.  God does not lie.  And God knows what He is saying to us!  His Scriptures mean exactly what they say.  God never, once, intended for His Scriptures to require an explanation from any religious leader.  So again, any time you hear a religious leader try to negate God's Word and then attempt to explain what God was "really trying to tell us" . . . THAT RELIGIOUS LEADER IS ABOUT TO LIE TO YOU.

As a rule-of-thumb, anytime a religious teacher tells you that something from the Bible is "symbolic" or just "spiritual" in nature, this person knows nothing about God.  Some examples are:  the seven Spirits of God found in Revelation 1:4, Revelation 3:1, Revelation 4:5, and Revelation 5:6.  God teaches that these seven Spirits are sent to the four corners of this Earth (definitely meaning to every person who ever drew a breath upon this Earth).  But these religious folks cannot conceive of God ever blessing a non-Christian:  it is beyond their realm of thought.

Another example would also include Christian teachers attempting to explain the Twelve Tribes of Israel mentioned in Revelation.  How could these "lost" tribes suddenly appear at the end of this world?  Well, after much squirming, these Christian teachers say that this is just something symbolic in nature:  "God is just using these twelve tribes to symbolize twelve different aspects that He finds in people:  so any people who exhibit even one of these traits/aspects is chosen, by God, to be His Elect."  Well, sorry!  But that is not exactly what God says anywhere!  Oh, He could have easily said this:  He certainly knows the words!  Just because these religious teachers fail to understand where all twelve tribes are, today, does not mean that they are lost to God.  God knows exactly where they are!  Every single person from every single tribe of Israel!  God has never lost track of a single person in this entire world!

Another example is when Jesus taught that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  These religious folks, especially in the wealthy parts of North America (and Europe), will tell you that God really did not mean any of this.  "Oh, this would just be too cruel.  He did not mean it this way.  Two verses later proves that God will take care of the wealthy!  Trust us in this matter because we are as wealthy as you are.  You see, God was just kidding; or God was just being symbolic regarding "other wealthy folks who do not believe as you do."  But, quite sadly, these very teachers fail to understand even one word spoken, by God, just two verses later.

So, quite sadly, just to prove this entire LIE #4 by way of North America's (and Europe's) prevailing LIE regarding wealthy folks, this author will explain two verses later where Christ taught about ALL wealthy folks.  And yes, Christ spoke this Truth of God at the 100% inclusion level.

God has an infinite number of possibilities available to Him so as to keep His promise of a camel not passing through the eye of a needle thing, so let's just discuss one of them here:  Christ's Thousand-Year Rule!  Oh, He is truly coming (fairly soon) and He will indeed rule this world for one-thousand years.  But few details are given beyond the day this event happens.  Hence, the infinite number of possibilities.  But here is just one, very plausible, possibility so that Christ's words will remain true:  for it is absolutely true that a camel shall pass through the eye of a needle before any rich man enters the Kingdom of Heaven.  Christ said it:  so it is true!

WHAT IF?  What if, when Christ returns for His thousand-year-reign, that He decides to give a great many of different kinds of folks a "second chance" at life?  Never mind, for a moment, that lesson which Christ taught about the rich man and the poor beggar Lazarus:  and how that rich man was cast into hell.  Let's talk about Christ's options here.  Christ truly did say, in Matthew 19:26, that "with God, all things are possible."  So, this is clearly a fact-of-life and a Truth of God placed in this world.  Now, what if Christ does, indeed, find some rich folks who tried to live good lives and tried to believe in God:  maybe these rich people gave much (from their left-overs) to the poor.  With God, all things are possible.  So, to keep His word, one option available to God, is that when Christ rules this world for a thousand years, that there surely will be a few rich people deserving of a second chance.  (You see, it is not always a person's fault that they were born rich, lived a spoiled life, and were improperly instructed by their parents since their youth.  God understands this.)  This option of God, promised by Christ in Matthew 19:26, could truly be fulfilled by these rich people spending their thousand-year-second-chance living in Haiti (eating dirt mixed with peanut butter that others might, or might not, send to them) and then the dead poor folks (who lived and died in Haiti) spend this same thousand years living a more wealthy life.  Maybe God will use this situation to see if those formally wealthy people remain "good folks" (through their poverty period) and maybe God will use this situation to see if those formerly poor folks (who lived in Haiti, but now have more wealth for a thousand years) will develop the typical rich-person's sins and also ignore their poor and destitute neighbors.  These poor folks never had a chance to show God just who they were because they lived in such abject poverty until they died.  Maybe God still needs time to see what sort of person they are, also!  Um, would any of this be "unfair?"

You see, Christ never promised that this world would be a "Paradise" while He ruled this world for one-thousand years.  Indeed, the Tree of Life does not come to this world until His thousand-year rule is finished.  One must always remember, that we were placed upon this Earth for only one reason:  so that we might show God what sort of person we truly are.  Some folks require a second chance at this because there might have been an issue with their first chance!

Most likely, the above example is not how things will happen, but it does "fulfill" the promises that God has made to this world.  God stated, in another part of this world, that on Judgment Day, not one person will be able to claim that they were wronged by God.  Since God said this, God will make sure it remains His Truth until Judgment Day.  The above example is just one way for God to stay true to His Word.  It is also another way of folks, today, being able to see if their "teachers or preachers or ministers or priests" are LYING TO THEM!!!

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